Last friday

I printed and wrote my letter, and I was organizing the folders I want to keep and not keep.



Things that I have accomplished:

-Time is closing in and things are compressed in a tight area. School is ending and I feel stressed about my english test, because I am tottering on a c and a d, and I kinda want to keep my C.

-I sent in my leave request form.

-Worked on my owl and decided a different route that i will finish tomorrow.


2nd to last week

Things that I have accomplished:

-I presented my “Guest Blog” to the whole class that was present. I think it went okay. I am not a trained speaker but I guess what I said suffices.

-Sent in my goal of the week. 

-I went to the thingy in which I enrolled again for next year.

-I worked on my final project. 


things that I have accomplished:

-Well it truly looks like I have accomplished nothing at all. In reality I really have not accomplished anything. My mind is being overrun with ideas and concepts that are great ideas and in my mind look great but its just settling on the idea 1st. I have a idea of what I really want my piece to look like, I just dont know where to start.

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 10.02.22 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 10.02.41 AM

These pieces are sorta what I want to accomplish, or have my work look like.

-I studied english for the last 30 minutes of class.

last ACC day.

Things that I have accomplished:

-I printed a couple more pictures that I was debating about printing or not. I put all my work in the clear covers. I am pretty sure I have 20 pictures showing my work. On two pieces of paper there is about 9 that  I printed towards the end of the 1st semester that should count.

-I already have my guest blog up so the only thing that I really need to do is print my resumes and such. Which Im pretty sure later today I go to Acc, so I can get it then. I got them printed out and everything. I had to rearrange my things a bit but I got them all looking wonderful.

-worked on a piece that I I’m doing not only to maybe hang up but something my sister would like. :).. But who knows. She wanted something alittle on the dark side… or incorporating skulls, cause she loves skulls.. But I am actually at this moment getting a wave of cool ideas involving skulls, but on a lighter happier side. :O

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 1.36.11 PM

crazy day

things that I have accomplished:

-Well I was late to class 😦 because I forgot  my english notebook and I am in no condition to not take advantage of a good grade to higher my grade.

-I work on english……..I feel l like life is going crazy. :0


Things that I have accomplished:

-I was looking for other projects that I could probably put in my folder, but I couldn’t find any….This actually took me too long to do. X)

-When I go to ACC (I know its not called that, but everyone knows what i’m talking about) I will print out all of those things like the cover letter, resume, job application and post-interview letter.

-For my 11×14 piece of work I think I want to do a design sorta like a rock bands t-shirt would be. I am talking about the really cool pictures that are vector art, with a lot of detail. The hard part is just deciding on the design, but I was brainstorming and coming up with concepts. With the design I am going to be looking at the

“How to Create a Conceptual Portrait Using the Scribble Effect in Adobe Illustrator”

that you posted a while back in your blog entry.

weee wooooh

Things that I have accomplished:

-I printed out work samples to put in my work folder.

-sent my goal of the week

– I am trying to get things gatherings and my mind in the right place in which I am doing the things that you posted on your website

-posted my work blog.

Guest Blog

Being in this class for two years you start to get your bearings and learn what it is that you like to use, being it from the tablet, Photoshop, illustrator, shortcuts, or things like a certain brush format in Photoshop.

-Some shortcuts that I enjoy is command + Z. Command + Z just is the undo in both Photoshop and Illustrator. In Illustrator you can undo multiple times unlike in Photoshop where you can only undo once. If you want to go back further in Photoshop its best to have the History tab. I love the basic shortcuts that I use like or V which go to the two types of arrows you use in illustrator.

I dont have to much to say actually. One of the big things that I have learned in this class is learning more about how I like to do things in illustrator, photoshop, or just organizing my things. I know how I like to do my blog posts, and how to be more efficient with my time.